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Friday, October 30th, 2009

Wichita Transit Adds Rider Amenity…. Bike Racks Are Here!

The Wichita Transit Department has added bike racks to all of the Transit buses to accommodate the needs of riders. Each bus is equipped with one bike rack which can hold two bicycles. The bike racks increase transportation options by allowing a bicycle trip to be incorporated with public transportation. There are 48 City buses which travel 18 fixed routes.

“Transit riders have been asking for the bike racks and we are excited to better meet their needs,” Wichita Transit Director Mike Vinson said. “We are now able to connect these two important modes of transportation. We believe the racks will increase ridership and help reduce pollution by encouraging the use of public transportation and bicycles.”

There is no extra charge to riders who use the bike racks. An ARRA Stimulus fund grant of $24,000 paid for the racks. For more information about Transit services, visit or call the information line at 265-7221.

Will this change the way Wichita travels? Will you be more apt to hop on the bus?  Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see next…  bike lanes, anyone?

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Time for t-shirt feedback, cause it’s time to order more t’s. We’d like to get everyone involved, so we order more of the t-shirts you like best. Here’s how you can help!

  • Check out the t-shirts currently available (see pic below) and let us know your favorite.
  • Submit your ideas for the next goPLAY t’s!
  • See one you like? goBUY one @


Below are some of the ideas we’ve received… what ideas do you have?

After we’ve received all of the ideas, we’ll take a vote to see what new t-shirt we’ll be adding to our collection.

go out on a LIMB (tree)

go up a CREEK (canoe)

go kiss a TOAD (yes, frog)

go grind your GEARS (bike)

go get DIRTY (gardening tool)

go get TEED (golf ball or tee)

go soak up the SUN (good ol’ sun)

go grind your TRUCKS (skateboard)

go grab some AIR (skateboard)

go let one RIP (parachute)

go get SPIKED (volleyball)

go zip your FLY (fish)

go catch some FLIES (softball)

go break some GLASS (waterski)

go make some WAVES (waterski)

go TOPLESS (jeeplike vehicle)

go find your FLOCK (bird)

go get in LINE (rollerblade)