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Friday, May 13th, 2011

I’ve heard it time and again: “There are no oceans or mountains in Wichita.”  I can’t argue that fact.  But you know what?  Kansas, and even more specifically South-Central Kansas, has a lot to offer anyone looking to head to the great outdoors.  Recreation can be defined in a wide variety of ways, but I like to say quite simply that it involves enjoying the outdoors.


Growing up in South Dakota, I had many opportunities to learn about the outdoors and try various recreation opportunities.  My time in Kansas has taught me this great state too has so much to offer and my passion for the outdoors has been able to continue.  I know many of you have the same passion, because I have heard a professed love of recreation, often times coupled with a complaint of not knowing what opportunities exist in the area.  Young professionals especially are looking for ways to stay active.  The great thing about recreation is there are ways to get outdoors no matter your stage in life.  Not only does recreation keep you active, but it is a great way to socialize with others who have common interests. is going to be the next great thing for recreation in the region!  The website is the result of a group of people with the same passion about recreation coming together with the goal of better identifying the abundance of recreation opportunities.  Can recreation in the region be improved?  Yes, there is definite room for improvement of recreation opportunities in the region.  As gets more functionality, the citizens of the region will be able to have a say about recreation through the interactive features of the website.  As a recreation person myself, I know that will be my website, as well as your website, and the website of anyone else who wants to make a difference in recreation.


So, whether you’re a bicycler, kayaker, fisher, jogger, gardener, walker, sports enthusiast, canoer, rock climber, water skiier, or whatever, go get your recreation on!