goPLAY is asking goWHAT next?

Time for t-shirt feedback, cause it’s time to order more t’s. We’d like to get everyone involved, so we order more of the t-shirts you like best. Here’s how you can help!

  • Check out the t-shirts currently available (see pic below) and let us know your favorite.
  • Submit your ideas for the next goPLAY t’s!
  • See one you like? goBUY one @


Below are some of the ideas we’ve received… what ideas do you have?

After we’ve received all of the ideas, we’ll take a vote to see what new t-shirt we’ll be adding to our collection.

go out on a LIMB (tree)

go up a CREEK (canoe)

go kiss a TOAD (yes, frog)

go grind your GEARS (bike)

go get DIRTY (gardening tool)

go get TEED (golf ball or tee)

go soak up the SUN (good ol’ sun)

go grind your TRUCKS (skateboard)

go grab some AIR (skateboard)

go let one RIP (parachute)

go get SPIKED (volleyball)

go zip your FLY (fish)

go catch some FLIES (softball)

go break some GLASS (waterski)

go make some WAVES (waterski)

go TOPLESS (jeeplike vehicle)

go find your FLOCK (bird)

go get in LINE (rollerblade)

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